May 21, 2009

May 18, 2009

Moral Responsibility

A dialog in Angels n Demons that I interested with.

`Scientific advancement carries risk,'Kohler argued.
`It always has.Space programs,genetic research,medicine-
they all make mistakes.Science needs to survive its own blunders,
at any cost.For everyone's sake'.

Path of Illumination - Illuminati Lair
Castle St. Angelo

Castle St. Angelo and a placid Tiber River

May 9, 2009

Old donkey in the well

This is a story about an old donkey, who while walking fell into a dry well. He started shouting expecting that someone will pull him out of the well.

There were few passersby, who looked into the well and found the old donkey in a bad shape. They had no toools or ropes to pull him out. Also there was no help available around. They decided that the donkey should die rather than suffer and in any case the donkey didn't stand a chance of survival.

So they collected the mud lying around and started throwing into the well, to bury the donkey. Everytime the mud was thrown at him, the donkey shook the mud off his body and stepped on it. By the time the mud completely filled the well, the donkey climbed the mud and came out of the well.

Next time if someone throws mud at you, just shake it off yourself and get over it soon. Keep focus on your goal and don't be distracted by what others believe.

Have a nice day!